An intro to me…

I initially started blogging when I finished my GCSEs but have never actually published any of my posts as I was way too worried about what people would think so for me this is well out of my comfort zone but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try but never had enough confidence to do so I suppose now is the time. I’ve never written a blog before, my commitment to writing diary entries and journals has been a little short-lived so without further ado here is a cliché “About Me” blog …

I am Ella. I am 18 years of age and I live in Northamptonshire (so more or less the middle of nowhere). In a few weeks I will be moving to Birmingham to study where I will have to properly adult! (eek). (So look out for my ‘All Things Uni’ series, which will undoubtedly be highly entertaining and cringeable- all at my expense of course!).

10 facts about me …

  1. I have two lop eared house rabbits called Theo and Jasper
  2. It rains every year on my birthday (3rd August)
  3. I draw buildings
  4. I love IKEA, but hate assembling flat packs as I have no patience
  5. Birmingham is my favourite city in the UK (especially at Christmas), and I am going to be living there from September
  6. I was a ballet dancer for 13 years, despite being the clumsiest person ever and being a notoriously bad dance
  7. I named my family’s campervan ‘Carrot’ because she is bright orange
  8. Blue is my favourite colour
  9. The V&A museum in London is my happy place. I love looking at all of the fabrics and patterns, especially William Morris’ designs
  10. I have super super curly hair, hence the blog name!

I hope this gives you a little insight into me so thank you for reading and check out my other posts!

Ella x